Do you want to have fun reading a book to your kids?


Kids around the world dream about these Augmented Reality and magical ARBI Books.  Check them now!



What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows you combine the Physical World with the Virtual World using a technological device.

Thanks to Augmented Reality technology the characters of ARBI books come alive on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Have a  MAGICAL experience!

Transmit emotions and traditional values with our ARBI Books

  • Our books enhance Team work

    Ideal for children who loves reading books with a group of friends. You will have a great time reading and playing with ARBI Books for sure!

  • Family and Friendship ¡What a Treasure!

    Family and friendship are the most valuable treasure in the world, let’s continue transmitting those important values.

  • We make reading fun again

    We encourage comprehensive reading and creativity with fun challenges within books and applications. Want to try?

  • We combine the traditional with the modern

    ARBI’s books are the perfect union between traditional books and the new technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


See how well they spend their time playing and reading ARBI Books!

What our fellow adventurers say about us

"I Love it!"
"I have a 4 year old son and he loved this book! The animated scenes that pop up are tracked to the book, so if you move the book the 3D figures turn as well! I highly recommend this book, they will be enthralled at the 3D effects and will have fun just turning the pages!"

"A real book revolution!"
"This Arbi & the fire breathing Dragon book is absolutely the most coolest book I have read with the kids. My nieces & nephews had a ball with this book.I would highly recommend getting one for your kids or even as a gift."

"Fantastic little Treasure!"
"What really sets this book apart, from just being the usual children’s book to something really special, is the Augmented Reality! This adorable children’s book joins the physical and virtual world in a way I’ve never seen before, congrats to the author!"

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The APP is really easy to use.¡Check it out!

  • Find the APP

    Find the APP on Google Play and App Store. Each book has its own App

  • Open and point the camera to the illustrations

    Press play on the App and point the camera towards book’s illustrations

  • Magic!

    Enjoy ARBI’s Adventures with our Augmented Reality Books for children.

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ARBI is a company specialized in the development of educational projects such books and platforms based on Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). Our aim is to make learning fun again through the use of new technologies AR and VR.


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